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The Fashion Industry generates approximately 1.3 trillion dollars per annum globally and employs over 25 million people. The Fashion World Forum brings together leading Fashion Influencers who work passionately toward advancing economic solutions in emerging and advanced fashion economies. Through our dialogue forum we aim to bridge partnerships fostering better conscious practices within the Industry, aimed at sustaining social, cultural and environmental values while expanding inter-regional global business and development.

Host A Fashion Forum in Your Region

The Fashion World Forum brings together High Level Industry and Government Speakers in there respected and influential roles. Participants are invited within your region through the Inter-Regional Forums. Key topics are addressed within the thematic discussions and debate. Forum thematic styles include, Panel Series, Round Table Luncheon, Reception Gala/Event, and Workshop Seminars. Key topics are addressed through discussion and debate while special events may be hosted to recognize exemplary roles from guests and participants.

Forum Themes

Panel Series

The Panel Series invites invites influential speakers to participate in a moderated session in front of a live participating audience. Talking points are highlighted as the theme for the Panel and a Special Guest Moderator is present to host the event. Questions and Answers from audience participants is often encouraged as part of this format.

Round Table

The Round Table format is typical to a smaller forum structure. This is often done through a closed session where members of the press may be invited for a short period of the discussion. Luncheons are typical in this style and this is a preferred method for early regional discussions prior to larger scale events. It is also common for follow-up coordination committees to meet and discuss action plans through a round table dialogue.

Workshops & Seminars

Through our partnerships and affiliate sponsors, larger scale public workshops can extend daylong activities into 2-3 day seminar events. Programs specific to regional themes include a variety of actives which include all formats of forum styles, panel discussions, roundtables, education seminars, keynote speakers. Education and higher learning are a key topic for participants, while high level discussions of industry experts may bring together key talking points to address critical development and economic issues.

Receptions & Events

To celebrate the Fashion World Forum aligns itself with significant and key international fashion events. Recognizing the importance and value of our efforts and those of the guests and participants, special events and receptions are often held in a formal manner and hosted by respective business’s that acknowledge our platform. Dinners, Award Recognitions, and Gala Receptions are ways to acknoledge cultural initiatives and celebrate regional diversity and networking by honoring showcases of artistic collections and fashion designs.

Host a Forum

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Become a Sponsor

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Building the FWF Inter-Regional Network Exchange

The Fashion World Forum centers around a cross regional network platform that works together in expanding resources by sharing opportunities in advanced technologies and trade platforms. Data information and network sharing for proper growth assessment and global trade is essential in management operations and for scaling manufacturing. The FWF is working closely with advanced technology developers to continue to research opportunities in this area and will continue to update progress as we develop further information.


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